Triangle Idol is an item in the fifth catalog, Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living.
Triangle Idol

A human-like item, the Triangle Idol is the second out of three sleeping idol items, the other two being the Sleeping Idol and the Rotund Idol. Like the other two idols, it wakes up and sings when burned while waving its hands. It cost 35 coins and takes 50 seconds to deliver.

Description Edit

Be careful not to wake it...


Triangle Idol+Sleeping Idol +Rotund Idol =Sleeping Idol COMBO

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Sleeping Idol Combo:2nd item

Triangle Idol
Photo used in the Catalog
Photo used in the Catalog
Vital statistics
Type Triangle headed idol
Effects Throat singing with a better pitch
Source Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living
Cost to buy 35$
Cost to sell Inside the 5th catalog,Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living.


The Triangle Idol could be referencing real life idols that are used for worshiping in religious practice. It's waken could also be hinting that upsetting an idol can cause misfortune. It's singing could be it placing a curse. Though that fact is unsure due to the fact that when the Triangle Idol sings, nothing happens to objects around it.