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Totally Recalled Toys is the second catalog, accessed by buying every item in Chimney Stuffer, having at least 3 combos, having no unprocessed letters, and buying the catalog for 75¢. The catalog is full of defective toys, such as the "Eager Bunny Plushie" featured on the cover.

Item List[]

The first 5 items cost 7¢, ship in 12s, restock in 30s, and earn 1-2¢ back.

The next 5 items cost 10¢, ship in 20s, restock in 50s, and earn 1-2¢ back.

The next 5 items cost 15¢, ship in 30s, restock in 1m 15s, and earn 1-3¢ back.

  • Pyranosauraus Plushie: When ignited, ejects fire.
  • Disgruntled Elf Plushie: When ignited or hit with enough force, explodes.
  • Wandering Eye: When ignited, takes a picture that falls from the top. The photo depicts the player sitting behind the fire.
  • Cold Metal Heart: Sucks a certain amount of fire up into itself, before catching on fire and burning up. Inverse of another item in the catalog.
  • Valkyrie Doll: When ignited, sings a loud, haunting note accompanied by applause and highly flammable roses.

The next 2 items cost 23¢, ship in 45s, restock in 1m 53s, and earn 1-4¢ back.

The next 2 items cost 35¢, ship in 1m, restock in 2m 30s, and earn 2-5¢ back.

  • Mini Nuke: When ignited, beeps briefly then explodes, destroying almost everything.
  • Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie: Meows when picked up. When ignited, a large amount of highly flammable poop will expel from it.

The next item costs 60¢, ships in 1m 40s, restocks in 3m, and earns 2-6¢ back.

  • Mini Moon: Modifies gravity be lower and centered around itself. Floats in air. Can push other moons when held. Gravity resets to normal when completely burned.