Totally Recalled Toys is the second catalog you receive, by getting three combos.


Like the title says, this catalog is full of recalled toys, like the "Eager Bunny Plushie" featured on the cover.

List of ObjectsEdit

  • Raccoon Plushie : Foams at the mouth when burnt.
  • Space Heater: Shorts out and catches fire after several seconds. Interestingly, is an inverse of another item in the catalog.
  • Squirrel Whistle: Whistles when burnt.
  • Fragile Bulbs : Shatters on impact with walls.
  • Eager Bunny Plushie : As it burns, it growls and gnashes its jaws together angrily.
  • Best Friend Supplement Pills: The bottle will pop open and spew several pills out, which explode into hearts when burnt.
  • Feelings Bear Plushie: Chuckles slightly when picked up, goes "Awww" when burnt.
  • Oil Barge: On burning, will spew out oil for a brief second, then it spews out fire for another brief second, and then explodes.
  • Building Blocks: Akin to bricks, only smaller and more flammable.
  • Snake Surprise: Pops open when burnt, spews out syringes.
  • Pyranosaurus Plushie: Much like the torch in the first catalogue, spews fire while burning.
  • Disgruntled Elf Plushie: Blows up when burnt or hit by a large enough impact.
  • Wandering Eye : Takes a picture before burning down. The photo depicts the player sitting behind the fire.
  • Cold Metal Heart: Sucks a certain amount of fire up into itself, before catching on fire and burning up.
  • Valkyrie Doll: When burnt, sings a loud, haunting note accompanied by applause and roses, which are very flammable.
  • Uncle Sam's Blam Blams: Detonates into a fireworks show.
  • Toy Leperchaun: This toy has leprosy, and will infect and disintegrate all objects nearby.
  • Mini Nuke : When lit, beeps briefly and destroys almost everything within a large radius.
  • Kitty Kitty Poo Poo Plushie : Meows when picked up. When burnt, a large amount of poop will fly from it, which is extremely flammable.
  • Mini Moon : Drags all objects towards it, much like the Sun in "Existence, Now".
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