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Shop & Awe is the sixth of seven catalogs that you receive from Miss Nancy. The catalog shows the Manly Trophy on the cover.


This catalog's theme is mostly masculine items that a stereotypical guy might want, need, or use. This catalog is target more towards men by what it contains like the Mighty Mustache, the Manly Razor, the Manly Trophy , and many others. The cost ranges from 35 coins to 275 coins and the delivery time ranges from 30 seconds to 4 minutes.

List of Objects[]

  • Puff Pack - cough cough Ideal for teens 18 and over cough cough
  • Legal Briefcase - Even men have legal issues.
  • Freeze Bomb - Preserve the manliness now! No. just no.
  • Protein Powder - Bursts open, releasing sausages and syringes
  • Sonic x Boombox - Plays some music for awhile then it explodes
  • Mustache Rider: Drives in the direction it was facing
  • Book of Darkness: Yellowish green rain rains down while small Locust Eggs fall down and crack open. Few seconds later, all items in the fireplace decay and disappear
  • Old head fone: a great object on the a music a old