The rotund idol appears to be a round fat idol with a small head located on the top middle side of its belly, it can be used as part of the Sleeping Idol combo being sleeping idol, triangle idol, and rotund idol. See the 2 tables to find out more about idols and other stuff you can burn.

Combos used for Edit

Sleeping Idol COMBO - Triangle Idol,Sleeping Idol and this item

Table of idols Edit

Name Singing Effect Action
Rotund Idol 6 seconds Sings N/A
Triangle Idol 6 seconds Sings N/A
Sleeping Idol Row of 1-6 seconds Sings Sings on a stream of 1-6 seconds

List of Liked/Not Liked Items Edit

Name Catalog Type of Usage Costs
Trashumanist Action


Existence,Now Releases soul after burnt. 110$
Cocoon Miss Nancy's Guide to

Stylish Living

Drops a butterfly when burned. 45$
Railroad Xing Existence,Now Shows a train running

over the house when burnt.

This Way Down Existence,Now Makes The Gravity point in the way it pointing. 220$
Eager Bunny Plushie Totally Recalled Toys Chomps and sometimes makes angry sounds. 15$
Blowfish Snooty Foodie Pops when it hits a wall around the fireplace. 10$
Goo Ball Pack First Person Shopper Explodes. 15$ or less
Rotund Idol Existence,Now Sings when it burns 80$
Broken Magnet Chimney Stuffer Turns the cogs, Also needed for Sugar Plumps and the End Combo 5$
Wandering Eye Totally Recalled Toys Flashes,and takes a photo of the player with the fire around the fireplace. 15$
Internet Cloud Existence,Now Rains 0 and 1's after in the fireplace,Does a unknown radio signal noise when burnt 220$
Beta Version First Person Shopper Plays the Little Inferno Title Theme in a 8-bit remix when burnt. 45$
Low Self-Esteem Action Doll Shop and Awe No effects. 70$
Email Existence,Now Shows junk and spam E-mails when burnt. 55$
Manly Trophy Shop And Awe Cracks open when burnt or shattered. 15$
Fashionable Sunglasses Existence,Now Can be worn on the Face in the back. 80$
Celebration Bus Chimney Stuffer Children yell when burnt, sometimes plays music. 25$
Jar of Fireflies Chimney Stuffer Cracks open when burnt,Also releases the face in the back to open it's mouth. 15$
Television Chimney Stuffer Breaks the Screen when burnt. 40$
Old-Timey Radio Existence,Now Plays the Little Inferno song from the video after burnt. 80$
Fragile Bulbs Totally Recalled Toys Cracks open. 5$
Laser Pointer Existence,Now Starts off having a red beam at the thumb of it (model is a wooden hand),Four beeps blasts it. 55$
Sporting Ball Shop and Awe Throwing it too hard will break it. 35$
Drill Chain Thrower Shop And Awe Half flamethrower,half chainsaw,half drill machine,this is a result. 50$
Sonic Boombox Shop And Awe Wanna go kick around the 'ol pig-skin blast of booming box-blasts? Then this is here,Ayy! 175$
Mustache Rider Shop and Awe Shoosh! Blast off with this Riding monster-truck at the pig-ol-whacking sent side! 175$
Game Bush Shop And Awe Contains ducks when burnt (turning it into a reference of Duck Hunt) 50$
Unstable Ordiance Shop and Awe Explodes and rains a line of Unstable Ordiance's while burnt. 70$ *because it is so large and it is a bomb*
Freeze Bomb Shop and Awe Freezes the sides around the fireplace. 110$
Spontaneous Combustion Doll Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living Screams out very loud when it is burnt (says that dont look into the eyes) 180$
Howling Coyote Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living Howls 23$
Future Fizz Snooty Foodie Contains 3 cans of Future Fizz. 15$
Valkyrie Doll Totally Recalled Toys Does a singing song,After the singing is over,a applause is heard and roses will fall from the top of the fireplace. 15$
Uncle Sam's Blam Blams Totally Recalled Toys Makes fireworks. 23$
Pyrannosaurus Plushie Totally Recalled Toys Sprays a few fire when burnt. 15$
Disgruntled Elf Plushie Totally Recalled Toys A elf with a stream of dynamites attached to its mouth. 15$
Fire Extingusher Miss Nancy's Guide to

Stylish Living

Part of the Stop,Drop and Roll Combo. 35$
Tooth 'n' Corn Breakfast Flakes Snooty Foodie Pops out teeth-shaped corn when burnt. 15$
Toy Exterminator Snooty Foodie Third of the interactive items to the fireplace,turns the face red. 20$
Toaster Snooty Foodie "The greatest invention since sliced bread." 50$
Space Heater Totally Recalled Toys Spins awhile then catches on fire. 7$
Oil Barge Totally Recalled Toys Erupts oil,then after 6 seconds the barge will explode. 10$
Mom and Dad Bots Existence,Now Blows up when burnt. 110$
Miniature Sun Existence,Now The most expensive thing. 600$
Creation Science Existence,Now Does a "science" thing. 165$
Someone Else's

Family Portrait

Chimney Stuffer Warps the picture when it is burnt. 10$
South Pole Existence,Now Freezes when burnt. 110$
Legal Briefcase Shop and Awe Paper jumps out and catches fire. 70$
Gravity Boy Action Toy First Person Shopper Attracts a 50% gravity field to all objects in the fireplace. Last and costs 120$

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