Phoenix Egg is an item you get from the fourth catalog, 1st Person Shopper.

Phoenix Egg

The item is a big egg, similar to the eggs from Egg Pack in the Snooty Foodie catalog. When burned, dropped, thrown, or blown up, a small fiery phoenix emerges from the egg with a dinosaur like screech. The phoenix cannot be effected by other objects and will burn or break objects that comes in contact with it. The Smoke Detector's and the Creation Science's rain cannot put out the fire on the phoenix and the phoenix cannot be frozen. It cost 22 coins and takes 40 seconds to deliver.


Makes great omelets!


Phoenix Egg+Egg Pack=Eggcellent COMBO


  • There are a few ways to destroy the egg without the phoenix. One way is freezing the egg with any item that freezes other items (like the Dry Ice Cubes, Freeze Bomb, etc) the drop or throw the egg. Another way is to cause a diseased/cursed item (Toy Leperchaun, Mystery Seasoning, or Book of Darkness) to make the egg decay and disappear.