Manly Razor is the 11th item in the sixth catalog, Shop & Awe, making it the 111th item in the series.


The item is a dark red razor with a razor blade. Said blade has dark hair stuck to it - this is intentional for manly reasons.

This item automatically activates when in the fireplace. Apparently, the blade is out of control, as the item moves and jumps all over the place, shredding whatever is in its way. Also, it takes longer to burn as it shreds everything haphazardly and efficiently. That makes it difficult to burn for the Manly Combo, where you need to bring 2 more items to burn. To counteract this problem, bring it out first, and start burning it before placing the other 2 items. However, The other combo only requires for the Mini Nuke to make close contact with the blades for a successful annihilation (and collection of stamps).


<p class="MsoNormal">There are 2 combos shown:</p>

  • <p class="MsoNormal">(65) Nuclear Shave COMBO with Mini Nuke</p>