Manly Odor Spray is the 9th item in the sixth catalog, Shop & Awe, making it the 109th item altogether.This item is a spray can with the design of a flannel shirt and overalls. The nozzle on the to is black and slightly lustrous, with dark strains of hair sticking out of it.


When burned, green gas/smoke sprays out of the nozzle. Soon, fire sprays out of it as well. Soon, it lights itself on fire, deactivating itself as a result.


It is currently in 2 combos:


  • If you use an item that extinguishes fires (e.g.) Smoke Detector on the Manly Odor Spray when it's spraying out the flames, then it will do so forever. This is because the spray will stop spraying once enough fire damage is done, but with a fire extinguisher preventing that, it will continue spraying.