The soundtrack to Little Inferno was composed by Kyle Gabler.  It is available for free download on Tomorrow Corporation's website.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Little Inferno Titles
  2. Miss Nancy Welcomes You
  3. Your New Friend Sugar Plumps
  4. Reporting From The Weather Balloon
  5. Just Like You
  6. 8 Bit Inferno
  7. Something To Tell You
  8. Inferno Beta
  9. Cardboard Sword
  10. Up Up Up the Chimney
  11. Incident on the Other Side of the Wall
  12. Transhumanist Connects
  13. Ooo It's So Bright!
  14. The City
  15. Gate Operator, Open the Gates!
  16. Productivity Tango
  17. Miss Nancy Remembers
  18. The City Limits
  19. Breaking Weather Report
  20. Over the Smokestacks, Over the City
  21. Little Inferno Just For Me
  22. Tomorrow Corporation, the Future is Tomorrow!
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