Screenshot 1

A Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace "trailer" as seen in the video in one of Miss Nancy's envelopes.

Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace is a new product from Tomorrow Corporation. Its purpose is to place objects into it, burn them, get money, and buy more things to burn. It comes with Safety Instructions, which are burnable, and Catalogs for you to buy more items; like toys or food. Burning certain items together creates Combos that earn you stamps.

It can be seen in the video as there is no Face in the back,instead a fire.

The boy and the girl after the scene said:

Boy: I've got these old toys!

Girl: And I've got this box of memories!

Boy and Girl after the scene: Shove them in the fire and breathe in the flaming potpourri!

Boy and Girl after the scene with the lyrics: It's Little Inferno, just for me!

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