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Goo Ball Pack is the 12nd item you get from the fourth catalog, 1st Person Shopper, making it the 72nd item altogether.


The item consists of 3 small, circular creatures. They have 2 eyeballs which slightly bulge out as shown in the image.

  • The largest one is yellow with small spikes littering its surface.
  • The medium-sized one is gray/grey.
  • The smallest one is green with 2 pieces of grass as hair.

When grabbed, they make strange noises, and they die by bursting when burned.


There is only 1 combo.

World of Goo is also a game![]

The balls are from the game "World of Goo", which was made by the same creators of 'Little Inferno'. Also as well:

  • The colors and features match World of Goo.
  • The strange noises match those from the game.