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Existence, Now is the seventh and final catalog that you recieve from Miss Nancy in Little Inferno. The overall theme of the catalog has to do with the future, featuring a lot of robotic characters and other futuristic objects to burn. The Transhumanist Action Figure is featured on the cover of it.

List of Items[]

  • Email: Fills the screen with Spam and junk E-Mails when burned.
  • Laser Pointer: Points at objects with a laser, causing them to smoke. Every 4 beeps will fire off a stronger laser, which cuts through objects, fires at 4 beep increments continuously until burned.
  • Music Tones: Makes different sounds depending on which note it is, and will be louder depending on how hard it hits a surface.
  • Flaming Globe: Spins without player influence, burns normally.
  • Rocketship of Learning: Takes off when burnt, eventually dropping some money down.
  • Fashionable Sunglasses: Can be worn by the face at the back of the furnace, burns normally, will be needed to be sent to Sugar Plumps towards the end of the game.
  • Computer Worm: Explodes into multiple moths when burnt.
  • Old Timey Radio: Cycles through channels, eventually landing on "Just For Me", the Little Inferno jingle.
  • Rotund Idol: Sings when burned.
  • Mini Pluto: Attracts objects to it and freezes them.
  • Transhumanist Action Figure: Makes mechanical noises when interacting with arms, and plays the Little Inferno Theme when burned. Also releases his soul, which flies up and away.
  • Railroad Xing: Causes screen to shake and makes noises as if there was a passing train when burned.
  • Mom & Dad Bots: Lights in head go out and explode when burned.
  • South Pole: Shatters, then makes it snow and freezes objects around it.
  • Decoy Lady Bug: Attracts a few spiders to it before stopping.
  • Clone Factory: Produces multiple little white men or women which can be killed/destroyed in multiple ways. (The ways to kill/destroy them are burning them, freezing and then dropping them, making them stink, exploding them, slicing them with the Super Juicer 4000 or Drill Chain Thrower, exterminating them with the Toy Exterminator, pointing the Laser Pointer at them, letting them be sucked into the Miniature Sun, having them in the fireplace while you have a This Way Down pointing upwards, or having them in the fireplace when your house explodes).
  • Creation Science: When burned, makes it rain, then drops seeds which burst into flowers.
  • Internet Cloud: Drops 1's and 0's which melt when burned, makes a Modem Dial Up sound when burned.
  • This Way Down: Changes gravity according to which direction it is facing.
  • Miniature Sun: Attracts objects to it, sets fire to them when they get too close, and instantly burns them completely if they touch, and explodes after a long burning. Catches fire the instant it comes into play and never goes out because water has no effect on it, it destroys dry ice cubes instantly, and isn't frozen by the mini Pluto.