The combo.


The 4 items required to activate the combo. Whether it can be activated if an item from Sugar Plumps is needed is unknown.

The End Combo, or the "ERRRROR ERR@R ER*#^%R COMBo" shown in the combo display, is a hidden combo that can be activated by burning the 4 items given to Sugar Plumps throughout the game. It can only be activated once every item has been burned. Performing this combo will cause a cutscene that transitions to the second segment of the game. This combo can only be used once - once you've bought every item in the catalog. It does not show up on the combo list.

It consists of the 4 items sent to Sugar Plumps over the course of the game:

  1. Broken Magnet
  2. Jar of Fireflies
  3. Toy Exterminator
  4. Fashionable Sunglasses

They are also hinted by how they interact with the "face" in the fireplace's center:

  1. The magnet spins the cogs faster the closer it is to the "face,"
  2. The fireflies swarm into the "face's" "mouth" once the jar is broken,
  3. The exterminator makes the "face" glow red-hot, and
  4. The sunglasses can be worn on the "face."

Relevant Plot Edit

Sugar Plumps states in her final letters that there's "something special" about the things you send her, asking the player if "he felt it too". Near the end of the game, she says in one of her letters that there is something special about the way the items "glow" together when burned, and encourages you to perform the combo in several different letters from then on, always ending them with "It is time."

When the combo is achieved, you receive an Error message in the form of a combo, and Little Inferno will start to malfunction. Clicking on the counters on the upper-left will break down, and their respective currencies will burn. When both burned the face's eyes will begin to open, black smoke will come from the sides.

The view changes to show your house exploding, sending you into the second part of the game

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