Drill Chain Thrower is an item in the sixth catalog, Shop & Awe.

Drill Chain Thrower

This item is a chainsaw with large drills and a flamethrower connected to it, hence the name. It comes with two rat-like decoys. The item automatically activates when put in the fireplace. When burned, it burns for awhile before deactivating. It cost 50 coins and takes a minute to deliver.


For best results point away from face and tender areas.


Drill Chain Thrower+Super Juicer 4000=Spinning Blades COMBO

Drill Chain Thrower+Lumberjack Hand+Manly Odor Spray=TIMBER! COMBO

Drill Chain Thrower+Puff Pack=Chain Puffer COMBO

Drill Chain Thrower+Email=Chain Email COMBO


  • Due to the flamethrower,  the Drill Chain Thrower can catch itself on fire.

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