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Chimney Stuffer is the first of 7 catalogs received from Miss Nancy after running out of things to burn. It consists of general, simple items made to introduce the player to the game, from the Little Inferno Collector Poster to a Television.

Item Listing[]

The first five items costs 5¢, ships in 10s, restocks in 25s, and earn 1¢ back.

The next five items costs 7¢, ship in 15s, restock in 40s, and earn 1-2¢ back.

  • Broken Magnet: Takes longer to ignite than usual. Causes cogs in fireplace to spin faster when moved near the background face. Second item to give to Sugar Plumps.
  • Sleeping Idol: Chants when burnt.
  • Battery Pack: Explodes when ignited, hit hard enough, or hit by an explosion.
  • Ordinary Brick: Takes longer to ignite than the Magnet. Easily snuffs small fires.
  • Antiki Torch: Ejects fire from its mouth when burnt.

The next five items cost 10¢, ship in 20s, restock in 50s, and earn 1-2¢ back.

The next two items cost 15¢, ship in 30s, restock in 1m 15s, and earn 1-3¢ back.

  • My Pictures: Allows the player to select a picture from their "My Pictures" folder, or one of 3 presets, and burn it.
  • Spider Egg: Explodes into several spiders.

The next two items cost 25¢, ship in 60s, restock in 2m 5s and earns 2-4¢ back.

  • Celebration Bus: When ignited, shoots forward to the sound of children screaming, then explodes.
  • Blankity Bank: Ejects several of either 1¢ coins or bombs.

The item costs 40¢, ship in 1m 20s, restock in 3m and earns 2-6¢ back.

  • Television: Depicts the current game scene. Glass shatters when burned.