Catalogs are the way a player can select what objects to buy. As objects are bought, more objects are unlocked. When all the objects within a catalog have been bought and enough combos found, the next catalog is unlocked. In total there are 7 catalogs with 20 items in each, which makes 140 purchaseable items in the game.

Each catalog displays the price and a description of the objects available to the player, as well as the length of time it will take to deliver. Each item has its own effect upon burning.

Chimney Stuffer ™Edit

Catalog 1

Chimney Stuffer is the first catalog available and it features a variety of cheap and miscellaneous items that are meant to start a player off using their brand new Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Prices range from 5¢ to 40¢.  

Totally Recalled Toys ™Edit

Catalog 2

Totally Recalled Toys features a variety of toys to burn, some of which are unconventional. Prices range from 7¢ to 60¢.

Snooty Foodie ™Edit

Catalog 3

Snooty Foodie features a variety of edibles and food-related appliances. Prices range from 10¢ to 80¢. 

1st Person Shopper ™Edit

Catalog 4

1st Person Shopper features a variety of gaming or electronic related items. Prices range from 15¢ to 120¢. 

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living ™ Edit

Catalog 5

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living features a variety of household items. Prices range from 23¢ to 180¢. 

Shop & Awe™ Edit

Catalog 6

Shop & Awe features a variety of items with a somewhat loose "masculine" theme. Prices range from 35¢ to 275¢.

Existence, Now ™ Edit

Catalog 7

Existence, Now features a variety of items with a digital theme. Prices range from 55¢ to 600¢.

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