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Catalogs are the way a player can select what objects to buy. As objects are bought, more objects are unlocked. When all the objects within a catalog have been bought and enough combos found, the next catalog is unlocked. In total, there are 7 catalogs with 20 items in each, which makes 140 purchasable items in the game.

Each catalog displays the price and a description of the objects available to the player, as well as the length of time it will take to deliver. Each item has its own effect upon burning.

Items in each catalog are organized into 6 areas. These areas are not shown to the player. The items in each area cost the same, ship and restock with the same duration, drop coins of the same range when burned, and have more of stats than the row before. Areas are organized as such:

1 1 1 1 1
2 2 2 2 2
3 3 3 3 3
4 4 5 5 6

Chimney Stuffer™[]

Chimney Stuffer

Chimney Stuffer is the first catalog available, featuring a variety of cheap, simple, and miscellaneous items, meant to introduce their newly bought Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Prices range from 5¢ to 40¢.

Totally Recalled Toys™[]

Totally Recalled Toys

Totally Recalled Toys features a variety of toys to burn, some of which are unconventional. Prices range from 7¢ to 60¢.

Snooty Foodie™[]

Snooty Foodie

Snooty Foodie features a variety of edibles and food-related appliances. Prices range from 10¢ to 80¢. 

1st Person Shopper™[]

1st Person Shopper

1st Person Shopper features a variety of gaming or electronic related items. Prices range from 15¢ to 120¢. 

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living™[]

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living

Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living features a variety of household items with a loose "feminine" theme. Prices range from 23¢ to 180¢. 

Shop & Aw™[]

Shop & Awe

Shop & Awe features a variety of items with a somewhat loose "masculine" theme. Prices range from 35¢ to 275¢.

Existence, Now™[]

Existence, Now

Existence, Now features a variety of items with a digital and futuristic theme. Prices range from 55¢ to 600¢.