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Beta Version.png

It's a yellow diskette with the words 'INFERNO BETA' written on it. When burned, green pixilated fire starts to engulf the item as the Little Inferno theme starts to play. All fires are changed to the green pixilated fire for about 20 seconds before changing back. It cost 45 coins and takes a minute and 30 seconds to deliver.


In development since 1986. Relive the magic!


Beta Version+Handheld Fireplace =Meta COMBO

Beta Version+Pixel Pack =Pixel Pixelated COMBO

Beta Version+Zesty Beetles +Powder Barrel=Colorful Flame COMBO


  • This item is suppose to indicate the beta version of 'Little Inferno'
  • When being burned, 1s and 0s are seen floating off the diskette and fading