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1st Person Shopper is the fourth of seven catalogs that you receive from Miss Nancy . The cover shows the Handheld Fireplace item.


This catalog's theme mostly contains video games and electronic items. Three of the items are Easter eggs. The three items: Gentleman Adventurer Doll , Goo Ball Pack , and  Casual Game are characters/items from the games "World of Goo " and "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure " , which were made by the same creators of 'Little Inferno'. The cost ranges from 15 coins to 120 coins and the delivery time ranges from 20 seconds to 3 minutes.

List of Objects[]

  • Tetronimos : Comes with five pieces. Place in a complete row and the row will disappear
  • Imitation Meatboy : Makes jumping sound effects when thrown
  • Giant Spider : Burns normally
  • Cell Phone : A voice says "We're sorry, you reached a number that's no longer in service." when burning
  • The Boss Plushie : Sirens could be heard when burned
  • Toy Zombie : Burns normally, brain is left intact if zombie is blown up
  • Handheld Fireplace : 8-bit style of the 'Little Inferno' jingle plays
  • Pixel Pack : Comes with three, makes jumping sound effects when thrown
  • Phoenix Egg : A small fiery phoenix release from the egg when burn, thrown, dropped, or blown up
  • Gentleman Adventurer Doll : Gems fly out of the doll
  • Cardboard Sword : Plays a tune when burned
  • Goo Ball Pack : Comes in three, burst when burn
  • Casual Game : Party horn and applauses are heard. Confetti  pops out
  • Gaming Tablet : Takes awhile to burn, shows 'Duck Hunt' on the screen
  • Miss Hexopus :  Can float, pops when burned. Splatters ink on screen for awhile
  • Clampy Bot : Comes with two, when placed upright, the walk when burned
  • Beta Version : Turns flames into green pixilated flames. Plays a different version of the 'Little Inferno' theme
  • Toy Ninja : Burns easily, but disappears leaving black smoke
  • Tiny Galaxies : Comes with three, they float and each have their own gravitational pull. Burst when burned
  • Gravity Boy Action Toy : Has its own gravitational pull, but doesn't float. Combust when burned, leaves behind roses