A list of 10-39 items.

Name Type Catalog Contains Motto Affection/Reference
Toy Rocketship Awesome Existence,Now 1 "Blast off!" A rocketship built by NASA.
Broken Magnet Awesome Chimney Stuffer 1 "It doesnt stick to metal for nothing..." One of four items Sugar Plumps needs.
Instant Seed Packet Unknown Chimney Stuffer 1 "Grow a grass garden with this!" Gardeners planting seed bags named packets in grass.
Low Self-Esteem

Action Doll

Unknown Shop and Awe 1 "She is always drunk these days." Drunk girl which says.
Sporting Ball Awesome Shop and Awe 1 "Head out into the backside and kick and sack this ball!" All sports balls combined together to form a ball of all


Trashumanist Action Figure Music-playing Existence,Now 1 "Connect your trash with this boy!" Plays a song named "Trashumanist Connects" when releasing his soul.
Cardboard Sword Music-playing First Person Shopper 1 "It is dangerous to go outside,take this!" Plays a theme with the same name when burnt.
Pixel Pack Unknown First Person Shopper 3 "More pixel,more luck." Blows up into tinier pixels.
Old Timey Radio Music-playing Existence,Now 1 "Jump out in the 80's with a old-timey radio!" "Its Little Inferno,just for me!" video theme is played when it is burnt.
Someone Else's

Credit Card

Unknown Chimney Stuffer 1 "Lets go shopping today!" Erupts out money bills when burnt.


Unknown Snooty Foodie 1 "Exterminate those spiders in a doomy way!" Third out of four items that can interact with the fireplace,Makes the face glow red.
Jar of Fireflies Awesome Chimney Stuffer 1 "You dont wanna let them out in the morning." Second out of four items that can interact with the fireplace,Makes the face open its mouth.
Wandering Eye Scary Totally Recalled Toys 1 "In the 90's you get this photo!" Flashes,In 5 seconds it will take a photo of the player along with the fire when burnt.
Railroad Xing Scary Existence,Now 1 "Ding ding ding! We closed the rails for 69 years." Makes a train run over the house making noise and the screen shakes when burnt,Stops in 16 seconds.
Alarm Clock Unknown Chimney Stuffer 1 "Ring ding ring ding!" Contains a red alarm clock that rings when burnt.
The Terrible Secret Scary Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living 1 "The only 70's of a terrible secret today." Makes some sort of "acid rain" when burnt.
Creation Science Awesome Existence,Now 1 "How Flowers were Created." Makes flowers pop out.
Glass Cards Awesome Shop and Awe 4 "Shuffle the glasscards,you'll get cut." Contains 4 glass-patterned Poker cards.
Cello Music-played Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living 1 "Rock it out with the 80's violin!" Makes the first instrument of a song.
Potpourri Bomb Unknown Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living 1 "Emergancy is a different thing.." Explodes,makes a colorful fire when burnt.
Blankity Bank Scary Chimney Stuffer 1 "Hold it out and kick those money out of a bank for 20 years!" Contains a metal bank,When burnt,the sign changes to a exclamation point,erupts out money then a big one,and then shoots a bomb exploding the bank.
Television Awesome Chimney Stuffer 1 "Its only having just 1 channel on,Seriously." Shows the full gameplay of Little Inferno,Also contains a loop of screens.
Beta Version Music-playing 1st Person Shopper 1 "Play the only 1986 game!" Plays the title in a 8-bit version when burnt,Changes fire into pixel green.
Building Blocks Awesome Totally Recalled Toys 5 "Build a tower using the blocks!" Used to build a tower.
Cold Metal Heart Unknown Totally Recalled Toys 1 "So cold,it can attract fire like a machine!" Feels like a cold winter indoors.
Medicated Mommy Pills Awesome Miss Nancy's Guide to Stylish Living 1 "Mommy needs some happy breakfast." Blasts out.
Miniature Sun Awesome Existence,Now 1 "It is so bright,Its rising at the future." Burns object and is a gravity-changer=.
This Way Down Awesome Existence,Now 1 "Change the way in 5-5!" Changes gravity.
Mini Nuke Unknown Totally Recalled Toys 1 "Boom,go blast off!" Clears up the whole coal in the fireplace with the help of a huge explosion.
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